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CV Joints

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Looking for a solution for your vehicle’s drivetrain? We have you covered. Bringing you an inventory of high quality CV joints for almost every model and make, you have come to the right place! What’s more - we guarantee the best possible prices.

Understanding CV Joints and Their Functionality

CV joints are crucial elements of your vehicle's drivetrain system. Standing for constant velocity, CV joints are most common in front-wheel drive cars. Positioned between the drive shaft and wheels, these components ensure a fluid motion when driving. They are responsible for transferring power from the gearbox to the wheels, accommodating a range of motions and improving the vehicle's functionality. This system includes an inner and an outer CV joint that works together for a smooth driving experience.

Inner CV Joint: This joint links the drive shaft to the gearbox, ensuring that power is transmitted, regardless of the terrain or road conditions.

Outer CV Joint: Essential for making tight turns, the outer joint connects the drive shaft to the wheels and is designed to accommodate steering variations.

A vehicle's drive quality can be heavily influenced by the state of its CV joints. To enhance your driving experience, you need to ensure that these components remain in optimal working condition.

Symptoms of a Malfunctioning CV Joint

Recognising CV joint issues early on is the key to avoiding extensive repairs and potential replacements. Here are a few signs you need a CV joint replacement:

Clicking Sounds: Clicking noises during turns often signal wear or damage to the outer CV joint. These sounds might start faint but can quickly escalate, indicating worsening joint condition.

Vibrations: If your vehicle vibrates under acceleration, it's not something to dismiss. It often points towards a damaged inner C.V. joint. These vibrations can increase in severity if left unchecked, leading to potential further damage.

Grease Leakage: Grease plays an important role in the smooth operation of CV joints. Spotting dark grease on the inside of your wheel's or the drive shaft's edges is often an indication of a torn CV boot, which can lead to CV joint deterioration.

Optimal Maintenance of CV Joints

A proactive approach can greatly extend the life and efficiency of your CV joint. Consider these maintenance tips:

Periodic Inspections: Inspecting the CV joint, boots, and surrounding components can save you greater damage later. Any signs of wear, damage, or grease leaks should be addressed immediately, as they might indicate a CV joint replacement.

Use Quality CV Joint Kits: When it comes to replacements, it is crucial not to compromise on quality. Use premium CV joint kits designed with precision, ensuring that replacement parts fit seamlessly and perform optimally.

Address Sounds Promptly: Early detection can make a world of difference. Address any unusual noises at the first hint. Tending to these early can prevent a full-blown CV joint failure, saving time and money.

The Significance of CV Joints in a Vehicle

CV joints are a major part of a vehicle’s operation. Here’s some more insight into their significance:

Power Transmission: Beyond just the foundational role of transferring power from the engine to the wheels, CV joints ensure consistency in this transmission. A car’s overall performance relies on the smooth operation of these joints, making their maintenance a priority.

Flexibility and Range: CV joints allow the wheels to move freely in various directions and also accommodate the vehicle’s weight. If you're steering or going over uneven surfaces, it's the c.v. joints that prevent any abrupt jerks or disturbances.

Noise Reduction: A well-maintained CV joint ensures that driving is a pleasant experience. Beyond the obvious mechanical advantages, these joints, especially the outer CV joint, play a role in dampening and reducing undue noises, contributing to a better driving experience.

Choose Online Automotive for Your CV Joint and CV Joint Kits

Your vehicle deserves the best, and at Online Automotive, that’s what we offer. Here are a few reasons why we should be the top choice for all your CV joint requirements:

Wide Selection: Even with our vast range of products, we ensure every outer CV joint, CV joint kit, and other components meet rigorous standards. Our inventory is carefully curated, ensuring that you find the right solution for your CV joint car requirements.

Assured Quality: Every product undergoes a strict quality check. This rigorous process guarantees that every CV joint in our selection stands up to the highest industry standards.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Our philosophy revolves around offering premium products without the premium price tag. Whether you're looking for a CV joint replacement or a comprehensive CV joint kit, we provide options that are both durable and reasonably priced.

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