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Are you trying to find the best deals and most convenient place to order brakes online? Online Automotive is a one-stop solution for all your car parts needs.

As a leading car parts supplier in the UK, we offer you a wide range of car brakes and vehicle brake parts to help you ensure maximum safety and performance. If you are looking for high-quality, cheap brakes, Online Automotive has you covered.

Identifying Brake Problems

Recognising brake problems early is vital for any car owner. It will not only keep you safe but can save you a ton of money. Here are some common signs that suggest it's time to check or replace your brakes:

Noise: If braking causes squeaks or grinding sounds, it's a clear sign something is wrong. These noises are often the first indication of worn-out brake pads.

Car Pulling: If your car drifts to a side when braking, it suggests uneven wear or a brake fluid issue. This unevenness can lead to reduced braking efficiency and potential road hazards.

Pedal Feel: The brake pedal should feel firm. If it's soft, spongy, or goes too low, there might be air in the brake lines or a problem with the brake fluid. Such inconsistencies in the pedal feel can reduce response time during crucial braking moments.

Longer Stops: If your car takes longer to stop than usual, it's a sign of worn-out brakes or pads. Timely replacements ensure that the vehicle can stop within expected distances, ensuring safety.

Maintenance Guidelines

Maintenance can extend the life of your brakes. It also ensures they work when you need them. Here are some maintenance tips:

Regular Checks: Inspecting your brake pads can prevent bigger problems. If you notice your brake pads are starting to get thin, it’s time to replace them. Moreover, many makes and models have brake pad wear indicators which flag up a light on the dashboard, which can also help you with this. It's a simple task, but it's crucial for safe driving.

Listen: Your brakes will often tell you if there's a problem. Sounds like grinding or squeaking should be investigated immediately. Such noises are early warnings that shouldn't be ignored.

Brake Fluid: This fluid helps your brakes work. If it's running low or dirty, your brakes might not work as well. Regularly checking and replacing the fluid can keep the brake system responsive.

Professional Inspection: Even if you're handy with cars, a professional check now and then is wise. These checks might help spot issues you missed. Moreover, a periodic professional review also ensures the braking system's longevity and functionality.

Buy Brakes Online At Online Automotive

Cars need brakes to stop, but brakes wear out, and when they do, it's time to replace them. Buying them online is now the easiest way to shop for brakes. Online Automotive brings you a simple, easy solution to buying brakes online.

An essential vehicle safety component, your brakes are your go-to to ensure your vehicle stops when you need it to. As car owners, understanding when and where to buy replacement brakes is crucial.

Understanding Brake Systems

We all know brakes are important but have you ever thought about how they work? The braking system has several core parts that need to function together to stop a vehicle efficiently and safely.

This system, although complex, is essential for road safety. Over time, with continuous use, parts of the car brake system start to wear out and need replacement. Recognising this need and addressing it promptly ensures that the vehicle remains safe for use on the road.

Brake System Components

Brake Pedal: It's the part you step on when you are trying to stop or slow down the car. This pedal connects to the entire brake system, triggering it to function and is the driver's direct link to ensure the car halts when necessary.

Brake Pads: These are the pads that push against the disc and create the friction needed to stop your car, but they wear out with use. If they become too thin, they won't work as well, and it's time to replace them. It's also crucial to ensure that the pads are of high quality, as substandard pads can damage the brake disc or reduce braking efficiency.

Brake Disc: This brake part is a metal disc that spins with your wheel. When you brake, pads squeeze this disc, creating friction. This friction is what makes the car slow down or stop. Over time, the disc can wear down, especially if the brake pads are old or damaged.

Brake Caliper: An essential component of the disc brake system, the brake caliper fits over the brake disc like a clamp. Within the caliper are brake pads, which get pressed against the disc when the brake pedal is pressed.

Brake Cables: These cables connect different parts of the system, ensuring synchronised action.

Brake Hoses: Tubes that carry brake fluid, an essential component to make brakes work.

Cylinders: These parts help in applying pressure to the brake pads, assisting in the stopping mechanism.

Why Choose Online Automotive

Buying brakes should be simple, and with Online Automotive, it is. Here's why we stand out:

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Guidance: Not everyone is a car expert. That’s why, if you're unsure about what you need, get in touch with our customer service professionals. Our professional team are experts in both brakes and car parts and can guide you effectively in your purchase. This guidance ensures that customers make informed decisions about their car brake needs.

Delivery and Pickup: After choosing your brakes online, you decide how they get to you. From having them delivered or allowing you to pick them up, we offer multiple options for customer convenience.

When it comes to buying brakes online, Online Automotive simplifies the process. Our commitment is to provide quality, affordability, and excellent customer service. Every car owner deserves a trustworthy place to buy essential car parts, and we aim to be that place.

To learn more, call us on 01604 666 711 or dive into our vast collection of car brakes and brake parts and place your order now!