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ABS Sensors

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Are you looking for new ABS sensors for your car? Online Automotive is a leading car parts supplier in the UK, providing an extensive selection of ABS wheel sensors suitable for a wide variety of car makes and models.

Understanding ABS Sensors

Anti-lock braking system sensors, commonly known as ABS sensors, are critical components within a vehicle's brake system. These sensors continually monitor and relay the speed of each wheel to the ABS control module.

The information provided by the ABS wheel speed sensor is paramount. It ensures the proper functioning of the anti-lock braking system. This system prevents wheel lock-up during intense braking situations, allowing for optimal control.

Symptoms of a Failing ABS Sensor

Early detection of issues with your ABS brake sensor is essential. Here are some symptoms that may indicate a problem:

ABS Light Activation: If the ABS light on your dashboard illuminates, it suggests an irregularity detected by the system.

Brake Pulsation: Unexpected activation of the ABS during standard braking might point to a sensor issue. This can come in the form of unexpected brake pedal feelings.

Reduced Traction: If your car displays unusual decreased grip during wet conditions, it might be due to a malfunctioning ABS sensor.

Inconsistent Braking: Any irregular performance in braking, whether it’s reduced efficiency or unexpected braking force, could be due to a sensor issue.

Routine vehicle checks can help in identifying these problems early on, ensuring you maintain optimal control of your vehicle at all times.

Maintenance and Replacement

ABS sensors, like all components, have a finite lifespan. Over time, external factors can impact their functioning.

Regular Inspection: A visual check highlights any obvious wear or damage to the ABS sensors. Early detection can prevent broader system issues.

Cleaning: ABS wheel sensors, over their lifespan, can accumulate debris. Regular cleaning during other brake maintenance tasks ensures longevity.

Timely Replacement: If any diagnostic tests highlight a malfunctioning ABS sensor, it is crucial to replace it promptly. Driving with a compromised sensor can have wider implications on the braking system.

To maintain the integrity of the anti-lock braking system, it's essential to ensure that all its components, especially the ABS sensors, are in optimal working condition.

Benefits of Proactively Replacing Your ABS Sensor

Proactivity in vehicle maintenance, especially with components as crucial as the ABS sensor, prevents a series of complications. Here's why it's beneficial to replace your ABS sensor before encountering severe issues:

Safety Assurance: The primary function of the ABS sensor is to prevent wheel lock-ups during intense braking, ensuring the driver can maintain steering control. Replacing the sensor in advance safeguards this function, significantly reducing the chances of skidding or accidents.

Enhanced Vehicle Performance: A functional ABS sensor ensures optimal communication with the braking system, contributing to smooth and responsive braking. Early replacement ensures your car's performance remains consistent, offering a more comfortable driving experience.

Higher Resale Value: Maintaining a vehicle's critical systems, such as its braking system, enhances its resale value. Prospective buyers are more likely to choose a vehicle with well-maintained safety components.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your car’s safety systems are functioning optimally gives you peace of mind, especially during wet or icy conditions when the ABS plays a pivotal role in vehicle control.

Promptly addressing ABS sensor issues and opting for timely replacements can offer long-term advantages, ensuring both the vehicle's and its occupants' safety.

Buy ABS Sensors Online at Online Automotive

Vehicles rely heavily on ABS sensors for safety. When it's time to replace these sensors, quality and reliability are key. Online Automotive aims to provide a straightforward solution.

Cost-Effective: Our goal is to offer ABS sensors at competitive prices, ensuring value for money.

Wide Selection: We house a diverse array of ABS wheel sensors, tailored for various vehicles. Our stock is designed to cater to different models and needs.

Guidance: If you’re uncertain about the right sensor for your car, our team is available for assistance. With in-depth knowledge of ABS sensors and related components, they provide informed guidance.

Delivery and Collection: After selecting the desired ABS sensors online, there are multiple methods to receive them. You can choose direct delivery, pick-up from our Northampton depot, or opt for our fitting services in the Northampton centre.

Our emphasis is on delivering straightforward, reliable solutions for your ABS sensor needs. For all related queries or to browse our collection, contact us at 01604 666 711.