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Searching for the perfect solution for your car's suspension needs? Look no further. At Online Automotive, we offer you a wide range of suspension springs to choose from.

Why Coil Springs Matter

Coil springs, often simply termed as suspension springs, play a pivotal role in a vehicle's suspension system. They not only ensure a smoother drive but also maintain the height of the car, absorbing shocks from bumpy roads and uneven terrains.

Car coil springs offer comfort and efficiency for the driver and passengers. Whether it's the front coil spring taking on the impact of a sudden pothole or the rear coil spring ensuring your full-to-the-brim boot doesn’t sag, these elements are fundamental to your vehicle's overall performance.

Identifying Issues With Your Coil Springs

Much like other car parts, the coil springs car component can show signs of wear and tear. Here's what to look out for:

Unusual Noises: If driving causes squeaks or grinding sounds, especially over bumps, it might be an indication that your suspension springs are wearing out.

Vehicle Sagging: If you notice that one corner of your car is lower than the others, it suggests that the coil spring in that area may be damaged or worn out.

Uneven Tire Wear: A failing car suspension spring can lead to uneven weight distribution, causing one or more tires to wear out faster.

Bouncy Rides: If your car feels excessively bouncy during a ride, your coil springs might be the culprits.

Maintenance Tips for Your Coil Springs

Regular Inspection: The spring coil car component might seem robust, but it’s always wise to periodically check them, especially after a notable impact or when you notice any of the issues listed above.

Professional Review: Just as you'd get your brakes checked, a periodic professional inspection of your car suspension springs can extend their lifespan and ensure optimal performance.

Types of Coil Springs

Front Coil Spring: Positioned at the front of the vehicle, the front coil spring absorbs the initial shocks from road irregularities. Given its location, a front coil spring replacement might be more frequent than its rear counterpart due to direct exposure to upfront impacts.

Rear Coil Spring: Positioned at the back, the rear coil spring balances the weight, especially when the car carries heavy loads. They ensure the car remains steady, even with significant weight in the trunk.

Suspension Coil Spring: This is a more general term encompassing all coil springs involved in the car's suspension mechanism. The coil spring suspension works with other suspension elements to ensure that the vehicle offers a smooth ride.

Why Choose Online Automotive for Your Coil Springs?

When it comes to finding a source for your car suspension spring, it’s essential to find the right one. Here are a few reasons why Online Automotive should be your first choice when buying coil springs for your car.

Unbeatable Pricing: At Online Automotive, we pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices guaranteed. With a wide range of car parts filled with coil springs for almost every make and model, we offer superior quality car parts at affordable prices.

Expert Assistance: Not certain about which suspension spring you need? Call our experts on 01604 666 711. Our team, skilled in the intricacies of coil springs and car parts, will guide you effectively.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery: Choose how you get your product. Whether you want it delivered, or you’d prefer to pick it up from our UK depot, the choice is yours.

Trusted Supplier: As one of the UK's largest suppliers of steering and suspension, covering all makes and models, our reputation speaks for itself.

Service Centre: With our Northampton service centre, you can arrange a fitting for any car part you purchase from Online Automotive. Our expert hands ensure that your coil spring replacement is executed with precision.

Dive deep into our vast collection of coil springs and related components and to learn more, call us on 01604 666 711 now.