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At Online Automotive, we provide high-quality car parts and components, and our range of brake hoses is no exception.

As automotive industry experts, we understand the key role that brake hoses play in the safety and performance of your vehicle. We offer a wide variety of top-quality brake hoses, designed to meet your car safety needs.

Whether you need a standard brake hose replacement or are looking for specialised brake hoses, our selection is guaranteed to meet your specific needs.

The Importance of Brake Hoses in Vehicle Safety

The brake hose is an essential component of your vehicle's braking system, ensuring that your vehicle can stop effectively and safely.

Reliable Brake Performance: The primary function of your brake hose is to reliably transfer hydraulic brake fluid under high pressure. This is crucial for the proper functioning of your vehicle’s brakes.

Compatible Brake Response: Our high-quality brake hoses facilitate a consistent and predictable braking response, that’s crucial for driver control and safety.

Resistance to Pressure and Temperature: Our brake hoses are designed to withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures of your braking system. It also helps prevent leaks and ruptures within your car’s systems.

Durability and Longevity: Our brake hoses are made from materials that provide durability and resistance from wear and tear, corrosion, and heat.

Material Strength: The materials used in our brake hoses, such as reinforced rubber or stainless steel braiding, are selected for their robustness and lasting capabilities for a longer lifespan.

Long Service Life: Quality brake hoses offer a longer service life, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Identifying When to Replace Your Brake Hose

Knowing when to replace your brake hoses is key to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your vehicle’s braking system.

Visible Wear: Regularly inspect your brake hoses for signs of wear, such as cracking, fraying, or bulging. These are indicators that you need brake hose replacement.

Physical Deterioration: A brake hose can deteriorate over time due to exposure to harsh environmental conditions, leading to cracks or leaks. Pay attention to this during general maintenance and clean-up of your vehicle.

Impact Damage: Check for any damage from impact or road debris that could cause problems for the hose. Be sure to inspect your car immediately for brake hose and other damages in case of an impact.

Braking Performance Issues: Any changes in braking performance, such as a soft brake pedal, reduced braking power, or increased stopping distance, can indicate that the brake hoses are failing and need to be replaced.

Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal: This can be a sign that air has entered the braking system and needs to be replaced and looked at immediately.

Fluid Leakage: Look for any signs of brake fluid leakage around the hose connections as it can affect braking performance.

Unusual Noises or Sensations: Sounds or sensations that are out of the ordinary when braking, such as vibrations or knocking sounds, might be related to issues with the brake hoses.

Vibrations Under Braking: This could indicate that the brake hoses are unable to maintain consistent pressure and need to be looked at.

Noise When Braking: Unusual noises when braking could be a sign of air in the braking system or deteriorating hoses.

Maintaining Your Brake Hoses

Proper maintenance of your brake hoses is vital for ensuring their longevity and effectiveness.

Regular Inspection: Regularly inspect your brake hoses for signs of wear or damage. This can help in early detection of issues that may require attention.

Visual Checks: Look for any signs of surface wear, cracking, or leaks in the brake hoses.

Check for Leaks: Pay special attention to the hose connections for any signs of fluid leakage.

Timely Replacement: Replace your brake hoses at the first sign of wear or damage to maintain the integrity and safety of your braking system.

Quality Replacement Parts: Always choose high-quality replacement brake hoses to ensure the best performance and safety.

Regular Replacements: Replacing brake hoses at regular intervals, or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, helps prevent potential braking failures.

Why Choose Online Automotive for Your Brake Hoses

Extensive Selection: Our extensive range of brake hoses caters to almost all vehicle makes, models and driving requirements.

Diverse Options: Whether you need standard brake hoses for everyday driving or specialised hoses for performance applications, our selection is designed to meet your needs.

Quality Assurance: All our brake hoses meet rigorous quality standards, ensuring reliability and safety.

Expert Advice: Our team of automotive professionals is always ready to assist in selecting the right brake hoses for your vehicle, whether by phone or live chat.

Personalised Recommendations: Based on your vehicle’s model and brake system, our experts can guide you to the most suitable brake hoses.

Installation Guidance: We provide support and guidance throughout the installation process to ensure a successful and secure fit that does its job well.

Competitive Pricing: We offer our customers quality products at affordable prices, ensuring the installation aligns with your car’s systems. Our range of brake hoses is competitively priced without cutting back on quality and safety.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Our selection includes cost-effective options suitable for a range of budgets.

Transparent Pricing: With clear and straightforward pricing, you can make an informed purchase without any hidden costs.

Maintaining the brake system is crucial for your safety. With a high-quality brake hose, you safeguard yourself and the people around you while you are on the road.

At Online Automotive, we provide a wide selection of top-quality brake hoses that complement your car’s braking system. Whether you need a new hose for routine maintenance or an upgrade for enhanced performance, we have the right solutions for you.

Explore our extensive range today and experience the difference that quality brake hoses can make. For help with your order or for expert advice, reach out to us on 01604 666 711 or send us a message on our live web chat.