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Tailgate Boot Gas Strut Sets

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When it comes to sourcing the most durable and efficient gas struts for car boots, it’s essential to turn to a dependable supplier. Online Automotive is the prime destination for tailgate boot gas strut sets. Our extensive catalogue covers nearly every make and model, ensuring that your car part requirements are met. When you think of boot hydraulics, think of us.

Understanding Tailgate Struts

As an important component in vehicle maintenance, car boot gas struts are designed to aid in the smooth opening and closing of your car's boot. Here’s what it involves:

Mechanism: Gas struts for the car boot, commonly known as boot struts, are essentially hydraulic mechanisms. These boot hydraulic struts allow for a smooth motion, reducing any sudden jerks or movements.

Functionality: Beyond merely serving as car boot gas struts, these components ensure that the weight of the boot is evenly distributed, reducing the physical effort needed to lift or close the boot.

Safety: Tailgate struts play an important role in safety. A malfunctioning strut means you have to put in extra effort to close the boot, often resulting in slamming, which can be dangerous.

Signs You Might Need to Replace Your Car Boot Struts

Maintaining your vehicle's tailgate gas struts is important to ensure that your car functions at its best. Recognising the early signs of wear or malfunction ensures longevity:

Uneven Closing: If the boot does not close evenly or seems tilted, this could point towards faulty car boot struts.

Difficulty in Lifting: Struggling to lift the boot? If your boot starts to feel unusually heavy, this might be a sign that the struts in your car boot are failing.

Abruptly Closes: If your car's boot closes abruptly without a smooth drop, this is a sign of weak boot strut springs.

Visible Wear or Damage: Normally, a simple visual inspection can reveal if you need a car boot strut replacement. Rust, visible leaks or any signs of physical damage to the strut should be addressed immediately.

Maintaining Tailgate Boot Gas Struts

To ensure that your tailgate gas struts remain in best condition, there are certain measures that you can employ:

Routine Checks: Just like the rest of your vehicle, boot struts also require regular inspection. Look out for wear or damages that might require getting a car boot strut replacement.

Lubrication: Regularly lubricating the joints and moving parts of the car boot struts extends their lifespan and helps to maintain smooth operation.

Avoid Overloading: Ensuring the boot isn't overloaded or forced beyond its capacity helps to maintain the structural integrity of the struts in your car.

Why Online Automotive is Your Best Choice for Boot Struts

With a number of car part suppliers out there, why choose us? Online Automotive stands as a beacon of quality and trust for tailgate gas struts in the UK. Here’s what we offer:

Diverse Range: We have a wide selection of boot struts, tailored to fit every vehicle type, make and model. Our emphasis on quality ensures that every strut, whether these are general car boot gas struts or specialised tailgate struts, meets the highest industry standards.

Expert Assistance: Unsure about which strut to select? Call us now for guidance. Alternatively, send us a message on our live web chat. We will address any and all concerns as quickly as we can.

Unbeatable Prices: Quality doesn't always have to break the bank. We offer quality boot hydraulic struts at the best price, making it affordable without compromising on durability or function.

Delivery & Customer Support: Our efficient delivery system guarantees that you get your order on time. For any concerns or guidance post-purchase, our customer support ensures that you're never left in the dark.

Leveraging Our Live Chat Web Chat

Ever found yourself stuck while shopping online? At Online Automotive, those moments of uncertainty are addressed promptly. With our live chat, we will provide immediate guidance for your concerns.

Why Trust Online Automotive?

At Online Automotive, we've built our reputation over the years by consistently delivering on our promises. Our affordability, quality and excellent customer service are what make us stand out.

When it comes to reliable tailgate gas struts and other car components, we’re your go-to. Every car owner deserves premium products at a good price, and that's precisely what we offer.

Ready to upgrade or replace your car boot gas struts? Explore our collection now. Need assistance? Reach out to us at 01604 666 711 or email us.